Workplace atmospheres -- Ultrafine, nanoparticle and nano-structured aerosols -- Inhalation exposure characterization and assessment

Standard Number ISO/TR 27628:2007
Organization International Organization for Standardization World
Level International
Category Specification
  • JAN 2007 Published
  • JUL 2010 Reviewed and Confirmed
ISO/TR 27628:2007 contains guidelines on characterizing occupational nanoaerosol exposures and represents the current state-of-the-art, with an emphasis on nanometre-diameter particles. Background information is provided on the mechanisms of nanoaerosol formation and transportation within an occupational setting and on industrial processes associated with nanoaerosol exposure. Exposure metrics appropriate to nanoaerosols are discussed, and specific methods of characterizing exposures with reference to these metrics are covered. Specific information is provided on methods for bulk aerosol characterization and single particle analysis.