Cellulose nanomaterials - Test methods for characterization

Cellulose nanomaterials - Test methods for characterization

Standard Number CAN/CSA-Z5100-17 (R2022)
Organization Standards Council of Canada Canada
Level National
Category Test Method | Characterization | Measurement
  • JAN 2017 Published
  • DEC 2022 Reviewed and Confirmed


This Standard describes test methods for characterization of base cellulose nanomaterials, specifically those designated as cellulose nanocrystals (CNCs), cellulose nanofibrils (CNFs) and cellulose microfibrils (CMFs).

Note: These designations, particularly CNFs and CMFs, are not used consistently among cellulose nanomaterial producers and users; therefore there is some overlap as to which materials fall under which designation.


This Standard does not cover the characterization of cellulose microcrystals (CMCs).


This Standard does not cover cellulose nanomaterial-based nano-enhanced or nano-enabled products.

Note: This Standard might be expanded in future editions as cellulose nanomaterial-enhanced and -enabled products move towards commercialization. See Annex C.


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