Exposure in the workplace - Measurement of the dustiness of massive materials that contain or can release nanomaterials or their aggregates and agglomerates (NOAA), or other respirable particles - Part 1: Requirements and choice of test methods

Standard Number UNI EN 17199-1: 2019
Organization Italian National Unification Italy
Level National
Category Test Method | Characterization | Measurement
  • MAY 2019 Published
The standard specifies the methodology for measuring and characterizing the dustiness of bulk materials that contain or release NOAA, or other respirable particles. In addition, the document specifies the environmental conditions, the sample handling procedures and the method for calculating and presenting the results. A guideline on the choice of method to be used is also indicated. The methodology described in this document allows: a) quantification of dustiness in terms of mass fractions of dusts related to possible health risks, b) quantification of dustiness in terms of dustiness and release rate, based on the number of particles, c) the aerosol characterization based on the granulometric distribution, the morphology and the chemical composition of the particles. This document does not provide methods for the assessment of particle release during handling or mechanical processing (compression, cutting, blasting etc.) of nanomaterials.