Squeezed Light Source Aims to Hasten Arrival of Large-Scale Quantum Computers

Date13th, Jan 2022
SourcePhotonics Media - Scientific News Websites


NTT Corp., in collaboration with the University of Tokyo and RIKEN, has developed an optical fiber-coupled quantum light source. Such a light source that can produce squeezed light is considered to be a crucial component to realizing a fault-tolerant, large-scale universal optical quantum computer. To achieve a large-scale universal fault-tolerant optical quantum computer, the light source would require highly squeezed quantum noise and photon number parity that is maintained even in high-photon-number components. For instance, a squeezing level of more than 65% is required to generate time-domain multiple quantum entanglement, or two-dimensional clustered states, that can be used for large-scale quantum computation. The newly...