19th International Conference on Extended Defects in Semiconductors

19th International Conference on Extended Defects in Semiconductors

Location Greece Greece - Thessaloniki
Start Date Jun 24, 2018
End Date Jun 29, 2018
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Nanoelectronics Nanophysics Nanomaterials


EDS2018, in line with the tradition setup by previous conferences in these series, aims at providing a global vision of research activities in this scientific area. It focuses  on the needs stemming from technological bottlenecks related to structural defects that affect the functionality of innovative devices. In particular, attention will be given to present day and future nanostructuredsemiconductors. Time is also allocated to tutorial lectures dealing with Material Science fundamentals and methodology. These lectures aim at reporting the state-of-the-art in these areas with reference to Semiconductors and Devices and will give an opportunity to young researchers to appreciate the importance of this field.




 - Poly-, Micro- and Nanocrystalline group-IV semiconductors

 - III-V and II-VI compound semiconductors and alloys 

 - III-nitrides and alloys, magnetic semiconductor

 - Carbon-based semiconductors (e.g. diamond, graphene etc.)

 - Conducting oxides

 - Organic and hybrid semiconductors

 - Thermoelectric semiconductors