2nd International Microfluidics Congress

2nd International Microfluidics Congress

Location USA USA - Las Vegas
Start Date May 22, 2019
End Date May 23, 2019
Event Type Congress
Subject Area Nanomaterials


2nd International Microfluidics Congress cordially welcomes the Global audience to participate in the conference which is to be held May 22-23, 2019, Las Vegas, USA. The main theme of the conference is “Recent Advancements and application of Microfluidics”. Microfluidics workshops  continues being an energizing and quickly creating region in the life sciences with a persistently extending scope of utilizations. As advances and methodologies keep on developing, this congress unites specialists in scholastics, enterprises and businesses to make network and share ideas.


 - Microfluidics Research and Advances
 - Nanofluidic Research and Application
 - Fluid Mechanics
 - Microfluidic Chip
 - Microfabrication
 - Microfluidics in Drug Delivery and Formulations
 - Microfluids in Nano-medicine
 - Nano-Materials and Nano-Technology
 - Microfluidics in Pharmacy
 - Microfluidic Biotechnology
 - Lab-On-A-Chip Technology
 - Clinical Diagnostics
 - Complex Fluid Interfaces
 - Point of Care Technologies
 - Fluidic Micro Actuators
 - Acoustic droplet ejection (ADE)
 - High-Throughput Processing and Analysis
 - Microfluidics and Coagulation Biology