The 12th International Nanotechnology Festival and Exhibition (IRAN NANO 2019)

The 12th International Nanotechnology Festival and Exhibition (IRAN NANO 2019)

Location Iran Iran - Tehran
Start Date Oct 10, 2019
End Date Oct 13, 2019
Event Type Exhibition
Subject Area Nanoscience - Nanotechnology Businesses - Commercialization



  • Contributing to the commercialization of nanotechnology



  • Discovering research and industrial potentials in the field of nanotechnology and introducing them to the market
  • Fostering research-industry linkages and collaborations in the field of nanotechnology
  • Providing nanotechnology companies with the opportunity to participate in international markets
    Raising public knowledge on nanotechnology
    All local and international institutions, laboratories, incubators, companies, VC’S are invited to present their:
  • Technological achievements
  • Nano products
  • Laboratory equipment




The twelve pavilions of the Festival are designed to demonstrate and present products of companies active in various field of nanotechnology such as:

  • Water & Environment & Energy,
  • Healthcare, Automotive Industry,
  • Construction Industry,
  • Textile Industry,
  • Petroleum & Related Industries,
  • Agriculture & Packaging,
  • Nano-material Suppliers,
  • Machinery & Lab Equipment Manufacturers,
  • Tech-Market Services Company,
  • Public Education and Trading Companies.

Also, universities, incubators, tech-parks, and research centers were participating in the festival to display their achievements in different areas of nanotechnology.