Location USA USA - Miami
Start Date Aug 20, 2020
End Date Aug 21, 2020
Event Type Meeting
Subject Area Nanomedicine - Pharmaceutics


This event is focusing about all type of cancers and its researches, treatments. We are so anticipated to amplify our conference with a following theme: “Empowering the modern research incline to conquer cancer.” which brings the new research on cancer for devising a robust life. 


 - Screening/Detection (Testing for Cancer)
 - Cancer imaging
 - Childhood Cancers
 - Brain and other central nervous system (CNS) tumors
 - Leukemia
 - Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL)
 - Lymphomas.
 - Cancer treatments
 - Cancer Radiation Therapy
 - Cancer Chemotherapy
 - Cancer Immunotherapy
 - Cancer Targeted Therapy
 - Stem Cell Transplant
 - Precision Medicine
 - Pediatric oncology
 - Side effects of cancer treatments
 - Cancer Drugs and their Mechanism of Actions
 - Anticancer drugs pharmacology
 - Cancer drugs pharmacology
 - All Types of Cancer
 - Diagnosis and Staging
 - Cancer Imaging Procedures
 - Cancer Biopsy
 - Cancer Staging
 - Cancer Prognosis
 - Oncology nursing
 - Cancer Nanotechnology
 - Nano medicine and new drug therapies for cancer
 - Nanotechnology and targeted drug delivery
 - Nanotechnology cancer treatments with miscellaneous, radiation, heat
 - Cancer epidemiology
 - Cancer prevention and control
 - Cancer risk factors
 - Cancer Research
 - Cancer Biology Research
 - Cancer Genomics Research
 - Research on Causes of Cancer
 - Cancer Diagnosis Research
 - Cancer Prevention Research
 - Cancer Screening and Early Detection Research
 - Cancer Treatment Research
 - Public Health Research and Cancer
 - Global Cancer statistics Research
 - Childhood Cancers Research
 - Metabolomics Cancer Research
 - Complementary and Alternative Medicine
 - Cancer CAM therapies
 - Exercise Linked With Lower Risk of Cancer
 - Malignant (Cancerous tumors)
 - Benign (noncancerous).
 - Tumor Virology
 - Metastatic Cancer
 - Animal Cancer
 - Smoking linked to cancer
 - Pollution linked to cancer
 - Animal cancer Research
 - Cancer Physiotherapy
 - Psychological Health in Cancer Survivors
 - Cancer and its relevance with other Diseases
 - Cancer vaccines
 - Oncology