Global Congress and Expo on Solid State Devices and Materials

Global Congress and Expo on Solid State Devices and Materials

Location USA USA - Miami
Start Date Aug 17, 2020
End Date Aug 18, 2020
Event Type Conference & Expo
Subject Area Nanomaterials Nanophysics Polymer - Nanocomposites Nanoelectronics Nanofabrication - Characterization Others


The conference focuses on the Solid State Devices and Materials. The purpose of the conference is to be active at the forefront of solid-state devices and materials development and to discuss the latest progress in their respective fields through deep discussions; the conference also promotes science and industry to solid-state electronics.


 - Solid State Physics
 - Solid State Materials
 - Solid State Chemistry
 - Metallurgy And Materials Science
 - Magnetic Materials
 - Nanotechnology
 - Nanoelectronics and Spintronics
 - Semiconductors
 - Solid thin films deposition by physical and chemical techniques
 - Atomic and electronic structure of solids
 - Materials and processes of data storage
 - Functional materials
 - Optical Materials
 - Material and Device Processing and Fabrication Techniques
 - Heterogeneous Material Integration
 - Polymer Nanotechnology
 - Molecular Nanoscience
 - Solid state materials synthesis
 - X.-ray diffraction structure of solids
 - Electronic properties of solids
 - Type and function of defects in solids
 - Enabled utility of solid state materials in advanced technologies
 - Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
 - Semiconductor Materials
 - Superconductivity
 - Materials Science and Engineering
 - Graphene and Fullerenes
 - Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology
 - Quantum Materials and Nuclear Materials
 - Advanced Materials and Ceramics
 - Solid State Science
 - Advanced Materials Science
 - Materials Processing Technology
 - Materials Related Issue
 - Structural-dynamical and mechanical properties of condensed matter
 - Strongly correlated systems, magnetism & superconductivity
 - Construction materials
 - Graphene and 2D Materials
 - Polymer Science and Engineering
 - Emerging Smart Materials
 - Biomaterials
 - Energy Materials
 - Characterization and Testing of Materials
 - Ceramics and Composite Materials
 - Theoretical and Experimental Study of Soft Matter
 - Analog Circuits
 - Digital Circuits
 - Artificial Intelligence Circuit and System
 - Manufacturing Innovations
 - Electronic and Photonic Devices and Applications