2nd World Biopolymers and Polymer Chemistry Congress (WBPC-2021)

2nd World Biopolymers and Polymer Chemistry Congress (WBPC-2021)

Location USA USA - Miami
Start Date Nov 17, 2021
End Date Nov 18, 2021
Event Type Congress
Subject Area Polymer - Nanocomposites Nanomaterials Nanobiotechnology


BPC-2021 conference offers a wonderful opportunity for all the scientists, academicians, lab experts, industry people and young researchers to meet at one place to share and gain knowledge through oral and poster presentations in the field of Biopolymers, Bio plastics, Polymer engineering, Biomaterials, Biotechnology and Bio Nano materials.


 - Biopolymers

 - Polymer Chemistry

 - Polymer Engineering

 - Biomaterials

 - Bioplastics

 - Biocomposites

 - Polymers for tissue engineering

 - Polymer Nanotechnology

 - Recent Advances in Polymer Science

 - Biodegradable Polymers & Biocomposite Materials

 - Biopolymers in Biomedical Applications

 - Applied Polymer Science & Polymeric Materials

 - Recent Advances in Polymer Chemistry

 - Biopolymers as Materials

 - Polymer Physics

 - Synthetic polymers, Nanopolymers and Nanotechnology

 - Bio-Catalysis in Polymer Chemistry

 - Polymer Electronics: Optics, Fiber and Lasers

 - Future and Scope for Biopolymers & Polymer Chemistry