Advanced Nanomaterials Congress (AMC Nano)

Advanced Nanomaterials Congress (AMC Nano)

Location Sweden Sweden - Online
Start Date Oct 26, 2021
End Date Oct 28, 2021
Event Type Congress
Subject Area Nanodevices - Equipment Advanced materials Advanced materials New energy - Renewable energy Nanofabrication - Characterization


The Advanced Nanomaterials Congress (AMC Nano) is dedicated to provide a global platform for the interactive discussions and technical sessions to emphasize the broad aspects of synthesis, characterization, properties and application of advanced nanomaterials. The aim of the congress is to create a bridge between academia and industry for the commercialization of translational research. The congress will provide opportunities for the researchers, students, engineers, professional and business giants to present their breakthrough innovations, research results, path breaking ideas, challenges, failures, product display and new product launch at a global platform.




- Nanomaterials: Novel Synthesis Procedures

- Nanomaterials: Properties and Characterization

- Metal Nanoparticles

- Carbonaceous Nanomaterials

- Computational Nanomaterials

- Nanocomposites and Hybrid Nanomaterials

- Biomaterials and Healthcare Nanomaterials

- Energy Nanomaterials

- Green Nanomaterials

- Nano-sensing and Separation

- Next Generation Nano-Scale Materials

- Nanoelectronics and Nanodevices

- Nanomaterials Safety and Regulations

- Nano-industry and Nanotech Products