39th Global Nanotechnology Congress

39th Global Nanotechnology Congress

Location UK UK - London
Start Date May 20, 2022
End Date May 21, 2022
Event Type Congress
Subject Area Nanophysics Nanoscience - Nanotechnology Nanomedicine - Pharmaceutics Advanced materials Nanomaterials New energy - Renewable energy Nanofabrication - Characterization Nano Optics - Nanophotonics


Conference Series LLC Ltd is proud to announce the 39th Global Nanotechnology Congress, that is to be control throughout May 20-21, 2022 at London, UK.

On this exclusive congregation, Organizing Committee panel invitations all the scientists, experts, researchers, students and trade professionals to participants from everywhere the world to require half during this annual conference with the theme “Latest Technologies and Innovative ideas within the Field of Nanotechnology”. Nanotechnology 2022   aims at sharing new concepts and new technologies amongst the professionals, industrialists and students from analysis areas of Nanotechnology 2022 to share their recent innovations and applications and from interactive discussions and technical sessions at the event. The Conference also will have an area for firms and/or establishments to gift their services, products, innovations and analysis results.

Nanotechnology 2022 involves the tracks like Advanced Materials and practical Devices, Engineering Materials, Composite Materials, Magnetism & Multiferroism, Optical materials and plasmonics, Energy and gather Materials, Nanotechnology-Basics to applications, Nanopore science, Nanomedicine, Bio Nanotechnologies, Carbon nanostructures and graphene, Spintronics, Nanoparticle synthesis and applications.




- Nanomedicine & Nanobiotechnology
- Nano-Electronic Devices and Micro/Nano systems
- Micro/ Nano-fabrication, Nano patterning, Nano Lithography & Nano Imprinting
- Computation, Simulation & Modeling of Nanostructures, Nano systems & Devices
- Bio-Nanomaterials and Biomedical Devices, Applications
- Nanotechnology & Energy
- Nanotechnology Environmental Effects and Industrial Safety
- Nanometrology
- Material Science and Engineering
- Nanotechnology in Water Treatment
- Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology
- Advanced Materials and Functional Devices
- Engineering Materials
- Composite Materials
- Magnetism & Multiferroism
- Optical Materials and Plasmonics
- Energy and Harvesting Materials
- Nanotechnology-Basics to Applications
- Nano Materials
- Nano Structures
- Nano Physics