27th International Conference on  Advanced Materials & Nanotechnology

27th International Conference on Advanced Materials & Nanotechnology

Location Singapore Singapore - Singapore
Start Date Nov 21, 2022
End Date Nov 22, 2022
Event Type Conference
Subject Area Nanoscience - Nanotechnology New energy - Renewable energy Environment Polymer - Nanocomposites Nanomedicine - Pharmaceutics Nanomaterials Nano Engineering


Advanced Materials Conf 2022 is going to welcome all the participants from all over the world to attain the Smart Materials conference, which is going to be held in Singapore City, Singapore during November 21-22, 2022 based on the theme Emerging Trends in Smart Materials and Nanotechnology. This gathering will give the whole concentration on existing and most recent developments in every aspect of Nanotechnology research.




- Smart Materials

- Smart Ceramics and Composites

- Forensic Nanotechnology

- Materials Science and Engineering

- Smart Sensors

- Biomarkers

- Graphene and 2D Materials

- Nanotechnology in Neuroscience and Neuroengineering

- Nano Medicine

- Tissue Engineering

- Polymers Science & Engineering

- Optical & Electronic Smart Materials

- Memory polymers

- Nano Science Research in Agriculture and Food Science

- Water Treatment Technology

- Energy Saving Materials

- Dentistry Materials

- Protein Based Materials

- Green Nanotechnology

- Applications of Material Technology

- Nanotechnology Applications