The 13th Nanotechnology Festival & Exhibition (IRANNANO 2022)

The 13th Nanotechnology Festival & Exhibition (IRANNANO 2022)

Location Iran Iran - Tehran
Start Date Oct 1, 2022
End Date Oct 4, 2022
Event Type Exhibition
Subject Area Nanoscience - Nanotechnology Standardization Nanomaterials Nanobiotechnology Nanochemistry Nanophysics Nano Engineering Nanometrology Nano Optics - Nanophotonics Nanoelectronics Agriculture - Husbandry - Fisheries Nanomedicine - Pharmaceutics New energy - Renewable energy Nanodevices - Equipment Polymer - Nanocomposites


The 13th International Nanotechnology Festival & Exhibition (IRANNANO 2022)


Contributing to the commercialization of nanotechnology

Discovering research and industrial potentials in the field of nanotechnology and introducing them to the market
Fostering research-industry linkages and collaborations in the field of nanotechnology
Providing nanotechnology companies with the opportunity to participate in international markets
Raising public knowledge on nanotechnology
All local and international institutions, laboratories, incubators, companies, VC’S are invited to present their:

- Technological achievements
- Nano products
- Laboratory equipment
The twelve pavilions of the Festival are designed to demonstrate and present products of companies active in various field of nanotechnology such as: Water & Environment & Energy, Healthcare, Automotive Industry, Construction Industry, Textile Industry, Petroleum & Related Industries, Agriculture & Packaging, Nano-material Suppliers, Machinery & Lab Equipment Manufacturers, Tech-Market Services Company, Public Education and Trading Companies. Also universities, incubators, tech-parks and research centers were participating in the festival to display their achievements in different areas of nanotechnology.

Companies Pavilions:
- Water & Environment
- Healthcare
- Automotive Industry
- Construction Industry
- Textile Industry
- Petroleum & Related Industries
- Agriculture & Packaging
- Nano-material Suppliers
- Machinery & Lab Equipment Manufacturers
- Tech-Market Services Company
- Public Education
- Trading Companies

Research Institutes Pavilions:
- University and Research Centres
- Parks and Incubators
- Laboratories