6th World Congress on Frontiers in Cancer Research and Therapy

6th World Congress on Frontiers in Cancer Research and Therapy

Location UK UK - Online
Start Date Dec 1, 2022
End Date Dec 2, 2022
Event Type Congress
Subject Area Nanomedicine - Pharmaceutics Nanomaterials Nanoscience - Nanotechnology Others


Conference Series LLC ltd is organizing the 6th World Congress on Frontiers in Cancer Research and Therapy, which is scheduled during December 01-02, 2022 in in a virtual platform with a theme "Current Perspectives and New Challenges in Cancer Research and Therapy", which will help you connect and share ideas with your peers around the world. This aims to foster and conduct collaborative interdisciplinary research in the field of Cancer. We have included special sessions on emerging topics in Cancer Research & Therapy. It is dedicated to creating a scene to exchange latest research results and share advanced research methods.

The Frontiers In Cancer 2022 meeting is honored to host high profile keynote speakers from around the world as well as numerous concurrent oral and poster presentations, a young researchers forum, delegates to discuss and share on key research in the field of Oncology Research, related to various sessions on Cancer Therapy and treatment, Biomarkers in Cancer Research, Breast Cancer, Cancer Diagnosis, Pediatric Oncology, Cancer Stem Cells, Tumor Heterogeneity and Cancer Metastasis, Tumour Microenvironment etc.




- Innovative Cancer Science: Translating Biology to Medicine
- Single-cell and Spatial Multiomics in Cancer Research
- Computational Analysis of Cancer
- Cancer Stem Cells
- Next Generation Cancer Models
- Cancer Diagnostics: From Research to Clinical Practice
- Tumor Heterogeneity and Cancer Metastasis
- The Application of Clinical Proteomics for Precision Oncology
- Colorectal Cancer Progression
- Breast Cancer Research
- Antibody-based Therapeutics Against Cancer
- Cancer Genetics & Epigenetics
- Tumour Microenvironment
- Radiology/Cancer Imaging
- Drug Resistance
- Cancer Biomarkers
- Radiation Oncology
- Cancer Prevention
- Immune Responses & DNA Repair – Cancer Fields
- Solid Tumors
- Hematological Tumors
- Cancer Metabolism
- Cancer Therapy & Treatments
- Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy
- Cancer Vaccines
- Cancer Epidemiology
- Organ-Defined Cancers
- Circulating Tumor Cells
- Lung Cancer
- Cancer Cell Signalling & Pathways
- Skin cancers
- Surgical Oncology
- COVID-19 and its impact on Cancer patients
- Nanopore Sequencing of Cancer Genomics
- Carcinogenesis.