Location USA USA - Columbus
Start Date Oct 3, 2023
End Date Oct 4, 2023
Event Type Conference & Expo
Subject Area Quantum technology Nanoscience - Nanotechnology Nanomaterials Advanced materials Nanoelectronics Nanodevices - Equipment Polymer - Nanocomposites


The Nanotechnology Show is the first industry focused exhibition and conference covering the development and integration of nanotechnology within a range of applications including Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Energy and Medical Technology.

The exhibition will provide a comprehensive showcase of the entire supply chain from instrumentation and processing equipment right through to material manufacturers and product developers.




Materials and devices represented to include:

- Graphene and 2D Materials

- Carbon Nanotubes

- Nanometal Powders

- Nanoceramic Powders

- Quantum Dots

- Nanosensors

- Nanocomposites

- Nanocoatings


Equipment on display will include:

- Control Systems

- Dispersion Equipment

- Fusion and Bonding Technology

- Laser Processing

- Material Handling

- Microscopy

- Mixing Equipment

- Nanopositioning Systems

- R&D and Laboratory Services

- Scientific Cameras

- Spectroscopy

- Surface Analysis

- Testing Equipment

- Thin Film Deposition Systems

- X-Ray Imaging