Nanotechnologies - Vocabulary - Part 12: Quantum phenomena in nanotechnology

Standard Number NVN-CEN ISO/TS 80004-12:2017 en
Organization Netherlands Standardization Institute Netherlands
Level National
Category Terminology | Vocabulary | Definition
  • JUL 2017 Published
CEN-ISO/TS 80004-12 lists terms and definitions relevant to quantum phenomena in nanotechnologies. All of these terms are important for nanotechnologies, but it is to be noted that many of them are not exclusively relevant to the nanoscale and can also be used to some extent to refer to larger scales. The list of terms presented does not claim to provide exhaustive coverage of the whole spectrum of quantum concepts and phenomena in nanotechnology. It covers important phenomena as acknowledged by many stakeholders from academia, industry, etc. This part of ISO/TS 80004 is intended to facilitate communication between organizations and individuals in industry and those who interact with them.