Nanotechnologies - Materials specifications - Guidance on specifying nano-objects (ISO/TS 12805:2011, IDT)

Standard Number SIS-ISO/TS 12805:2012
Organization Swedish Standards Institute Sweden
Level National
Category Guide | Practice
  • SEP 2012 Published
This Technical Specification provides guidance on the preparation of specifications for the characteristics of manufactured nano-objects and their measurement methods. This is intended to help ensure the delivery of products with consistent properties for subsequent processing and/or final product performance. This Technical Specification includes guidance on specifying the physical and chemical characteristics of manufactured nano-objects, which might affect performance or subsequent processing. A list of applicable measurement methods is given in Annex B. NOTE 1 The nano-objects can be supplied in a dry form or as dispersions in a liquid medium. Guidance on specifying the environmental, health and safety (EHS) characteristics of manufactured nano-objects is outside the scope of this Technical Specification. NOTE 2 Nanotechnology is a rapidly growing and evolving field. It is therefore good practice for users of this Technical Specification to maintain an awareness of the legislative environment and latest developments in EHS regarding nanotechnology (see References [1][2][3][4][15][16][38][39][40][41][42][43]). If the customer or supplier wishes to assess the environmental, safety or health risks of the material, they can refer to ISO/TR 13121 and ISO/TR 12885 for further guidance. This Technical Specification also does not include guidance on specifying materials containing nanosized phases formed in situ by a transformation in the material, e.g. Guinier-Preston zones in precipitation hardening metals. Furthermore, it does not specify quantitative requirements for the object to be considered a nano-object, but lists appropriate examples of characteristics and properties and their measurement methods useful for specifying nano-objects. Characteristics and measurement methods for nano devices are not included.